Hotel Park City

Client Spotlight

Q. Please tell us about your company/organization.

We are a luxury resort located in Park City, Utah

Q. What led you to the FileMaker Platform? – Optional

MyDBSolutions and Bob Harrington sold us on using FileMaker with the ease of use and customization.

Q. What was the main challenge you were trying to solve?

Managing and streamlining service-related tasks on the fly.

Q. What type of custom app was developed?

We developed an iPad system to track our technicians and engineers and their tasks. They can take iPhones or iPads with them, clock in and everyone can track the task progress and status.

“Our efficiency has skyrocketed since deploying our FileMaker Go app. Each day we are able to see what needs to be done and view those tasks as they progress and are completed. In this age of instant knowledge and rapid technology, FileMaker has allowed us to catch up and even pass our competitors.”

Q. Who are the main users of the app and how does it change the way they accomplish their jobs?

The main users are the technicians and the service department management. The technicians can auto generate a to-do list for that specific task they have. Management can see the progress and efficiency charts of all technicians and their respective tasks.

“Everyone enjoys and relies on the application from our management to the technicians. I think our customers really appreciate it since we are able to assist them rapidly and more efficiently.”

Q. Can you quantify any business benefits? Percentage time saved? Cost savings? Revenue/profits generated?

We have saved thousands on excess, unnecessary paperwork and even more on time and efficiency. We are able to complete at least 10 more tasks per technician per week because of FileMaker.

Q. Any future plans for the custom app?

Possibly moving to FileMaker 16 and update the interface utilizing the new design features.


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